Schindler’s List

The three movies I have sitting out on the tv stand right now are Jurassic ParkJaws, and now Schindler’s List. I’m not gonna say that every Spielberg movie is one of my favorites but, that’s only because I haven’t seen every one of his movies. He’s one of the all time best dudes in the business for a reason though, you know? So, just to feed my Stevie kick a little more, I had to watch Schindler’s List today. I just had to. Of all of the films I’ve seen by Steven Spielberg, this is, absolutely, my favorite. Sure, Saving Private Ryan is fantastic. Yes, Raiders of the Lost Ark is incredible. Of course, Catch Me if You Can is dope. Yes to all of that but man… Schindler’s List though.

I’ve often wondered what it is about a film/series about the Holocaust that draws me in so deep. My conclusion, usually, is that I think it’s a mix between the sheer amount of human suffering experienced during that event and that it even happened at all. It seems so unfathomable that something like that could happen and yet, it did. It very much did. To the millionth degree. When I hear about Holocaust deniers and people like that, more than infuriate me, it just hurts. It hurts to think that someone can honestly have a thought like that. To me, denying the existence of the Holocaust is breathing life back into the ideologies and systems of thought that allowed it to happen in the first place. If you seek to deny a culture it’s history of suffering, then you are no different than those who sought to destroy that culture outright. Absolutely no different. I feel like (however I obviously have no idea) that this may be a sentiment Spielberg shares given all the attention he has paid to the Holocaust in his career. Schindler’s List is his masterpiece offering of remembrance to society.

I could go on and on and on and on and on about this movie but I won’t. It’s confusing to me when people tell me they haven’t seen Schindler’s List because I regard it as a testament to the history of the world. Our history. No other film, or piece of art in general, that I’ve ever come across has handled the subject of the Holocaust with such grace and distinction and honor, while still remaining to gaze so unflinchingly into our past and portray what we all know is there. I feel like Spielberg has given us this piece of art simply to help us remember that certain things cannot and should not be forgotten.

I’ve owned Schindler’s List for a while now but, if you are one of the people who have never seen it, I’m sure you can go to any store that sells movies and pick it up for ten dollars or so. For those of you who have seen it but don’t own it, maybe rectify that. It’s very much worth it in my opinion.

So thanks a bunch for sticking with me another week and hey to all my new followers out there! Y’all are rad and I wish I knew you in real life. Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on something completely different: Blue Velvet. Thanks!


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