Blue Velvet

Yo, Blue Velvet though. I would absolutely call Blue Velvet a perfect movie. This is only my second exploration into the very weird world of David Lynch and I’m so excited to find more films by him. The first Lynch movie I saw was Mulholland Dr. in an “American Genre Film”class I took in my brief stint at college and that movie very much sparked an interest in David Lynch for me that I never got the chance to give in to until now. I realize they are two completely different movies however, for the sake of a comparison, it’s all I have to go on, okay? Okay?!

So, I loved Mulholland Dr. however, it made no sense to me and is pretty ridiculous when I think back on it. It’s streaming on HBO Go currently so I might have to revisit it and try to piece it together a little better but, where Mulholland Dr. just confused me, Blue Velvet made total sense and felt like a very complete film. It all came together really well and the story was executed wonderfully while still remaining rightfully weird in the Lynchian way it was meant to.

The weirdest aspect, and definitely the best, was Dennis Hopper’s SUUUPER duper weird performance. Of course Lynch’s writing made the character of Jack weird but man, Hopper destroyed that shit. In every possible way. When I thought he couldn’t get weirder and more unnerving, he did tenfold. I loved that aspect of Blue Velvet so much. A proper, proper villain. That’s absolutely my kind of bad guy.

Aside from D Hop though, the whole cast was great. I loved seeing Mr. Mayor, Kyle MacLachlan, in the only role I’ve ever seen him in besides Portlandia. I thought he was super convincing and very likable as the lead. I loved when Laura Dern’s (I love Laura Dern) character says she couldn’t tell if he was a detective or a pervert, that really stood out to me because she absolutely had a point. The dude got in way too deep but remained there because he liked what was going on, something a true detective wouldn’t/shouldn’t do. Or so we’re told. I feel like that while his motives were weird and not really respectable, that stripped away pretty quickly for me when he generally came to care about Dorothy and refused to hit her during sex, instead wishing to “help her”.

I also loved Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy Valance. When I first heard about this movie however many years ago, definitely prior to seeing Mulholland Dr. in school, I distinctly remember someone telling me it was about a trans woman nightclub singer. Which I was really stoked on because, why not have it be about a trans woman? And that was the only thing I knew about it. So I waited the whole movie until it became clear to me that Dorothy was not trans. I felt stupid to believe whatever fool told me that because I was expecting this awesome “twist” to the film that didn’t come and it clouded my judgement and expectations on the film in general. Which I HATE. Above a lot of things when watching a movie for the first time, I hate going into it thinking I know a plot point only to be proved wrong. Regardless, though, Izzy did an awesome job and, like Dennis Hopper, was very properly weird and mysterious for her character. The only gripe I had about it, I suppose, is I wanted to know more about her kid. I thought he either wasn’t real, or was weirdly sexually abused, or was actually another weird, grown man that Dorothy fucked or whatever else David Lynch could come up with. I mean, the shot of him at the end made me feel good that those things weren’t true but I just wish I’d known more about him during the movie instead of a little shot at the end.

So, all in all, another dope Monday viewing. If you’re interested in discovering Blue Velvet for yourself, you can/should go stream it on Netflix ASAP! I’m gonna try and get into Twin Peaks, I think. Come hang tomorrow where I’ll be talking about Dallas Buyer’s Club. Thanks!


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