The Addams Family

Hey there, everyone. So, given the day, I decided to check out The Addams Family, the character of the youngest daughter being named Wednesday, of course. The Addams Family is one of those things, again, that, even if you’ve never seen the old show or any of the films, chances are you’ve heard the name. Gomez, Morticia, […]

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Morning, everyone. So, it’s no secret how much I love Jurassic Park however, I’ve never read the book but I’m familiar with the fact that everyone loves it and its author, Michael Crichton. So, when I saw another film based on one of his books was on Netflix, I was pretty excited to check it out. […]

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Morning, everyone. A while ago, I posted about Gladiator and mentioned that at some point, I intended to check out Braveheart to see how another sprawling hero film would stand up to the lackluster Russell Crowe joint. Well, today’s that day. However, since I feel the same about Braveheart as I did about Gladiator, I’m not much up for […]

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Evening, y’all. Many fine greetings to you on this night of the super blood moon. I’ve been getting in the Halloween spirit big time recently and I decided to kick the season off a little prematurely and talk about one of the raddest ghost stories ever told, Beetlejuice. There are so many great things about this […]

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Pawn Sacrifice

Hey there, everyone. Happy Saturday night/date night to you all. So I know that I said I would be talking about Eli Roth’s new film, The Green Inferno, but sometimes life requires compromise so instead, we checked out the new Bobby Fischer biopic, Pawn Sacrifice. I have some free time tomorrow so I’m definitely gonna go check […]

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Hey there, everyone. A very happy Friday to you. So I’ve been seeing today’s movie making the rounds here and there on Facebook/Instagram over the past couple weeks and I decided to catch up and see what the fuss was about. I always assumed Hackers was some sort of rip off of one of my beloved […]

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Insomnia (2002)

Hey everyone. Today, I picked a movie that’s been “Recommended for Brad (me)” for a long time now on Netflix. I think I remember my dad briefly talking about it to me years ago and he said it was cool but I never ended up checking it out but he loves a good cop movie […]

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