Trick ‘r Treat

Start the countdown, y’all. Halloween is tomorrow night! Tonight, however, is “Mischief Night”, a night I always hated because I never saw the point of it. It was something the “bad kids” did and I would always look at the houses the next morning in apathetic confusion as I saw them annihilated by eggs and […]

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Dark Skies

Morning, everyone. So, with only two days left, I wanted to slide a movie in that a saw a few months back and really enjoyed but I wanted to save my post about it for this time of year. Perhaps more in the “thriller” category, Dark Skies really freaked me out when I first saw it. I […]

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The House of the Devil

Morning, everyone. So, with a few days left, I figured what’s Halloween without a good Satanic cult movie? Again, nothing. Sure, I could’ve picked Rosemary’s Baby or maybe Children of the Corn to explore for the first time (though, I’m selfishly holding out on Rosemary’s Baby until I’ve read the book) but instead, I’m choosing to write about […]

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Friday the 13th (1980)

Hey there, everyone and good morning once again. As we inch closer to Halloween, I knew I had to throw another big one at you today because what’s Halloween without a slasher film? Nothing, that’s what. As influential as George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was to zombie movies and horror in general, the same […]

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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Morning, y’all. One week left on this Halloween train! Last week, I checked out George A. Romero’s third installment of his “Dead” series with Day of the Dead. In that post, I talked pretty extensively about what Romero’s film have meant to Halloween, horror, and specifically, zombies as we know them. So, instead of reiterating all […]

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Hocus Pocus

Hey there, everyone. As I said yesterday, I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up this week than to talk a bit about Hocus Pocus. Revered by the majority of “90s kids”, passed down to their somewhat disillusioned younger siblings, and soon to be granted its own big time sequel (helmed by the great Tina […]

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Hey there, everyone! So, if you can recall back to last Sunday when I talked about my plans for this Halloween Extravaganza, I mentioned how I still planned to review two new movies and not deviate from that side of the blog for this. All week I planned to go see the supposedly deeply chilling […]

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