This blog was created with the sole purpose of writing about movies. I want to foster a love of movies in people and a desire to explore the endless worlds cinema has to offer us.

Monday through Friday will see us exploring a new movie on one of the many streaming sites that we all subscribe to. Whether it be Netflix, or Hulu, HBO Go, or Amazon Prime, with the streaming market growing bigger than it ever has before, the joy of seeing a new movie is available any time we want it. Let’s take advantage of that!

Saturdays will see us tackling a current movie still in theaters because there are simply a very small amount of things that I love more than going to the movies. The rip of the tickets, the slight burning on the overdone popcorn, the sweet taste of soda and candy.  A movie theater is my true happy place outside of a good shower. Too much?

Finally, Sundays will be a day for sentimentality as I plan to resurrect a favorite film of mine that, whether I already own it or I have to go out and purchase it, I just have to watch over and over and over again. They’re just that good!

Let’s catch a movie sometime!


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