Morning, everyone! I think it goes without saying that, if you find yourself falling down the Quentin Tarantino rabbit hole, you’ll more than likely find yourself falling down the Samuel L. Jackson rabbit hole as well. I’m definitely not immune to this turn of events so that’s why I chose to check out today’s movie, Fresh. […]

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The Santa Clause

Hey there, everyone! I gotta apologize first off for the brevity of yesterday’s post. While I stand by my words, I admit that I would’ve loved to have gone more in depth into my feelings on the late, great Die Hard but I was coming fresh off of a 20 hour drive on Saturday so an […]

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Home Alone

“This is it… don’t get scared now”. Morning, everyone! I’m super happy for today’s post for a few reasons. One, because it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Two, because it’s from one of my favorite writers of all time. Three, because it’s directed by one of the best “family movie” directors of […]

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Manhattan (1979)

Hey there, everyone. I hope your Mondays are going as swell as they can go for the time being. As I said yesterday, I’m gonna be spending this week taking a look at Woody Allen’s films. The dude’s a genius and despite him having a somewhat strange history, his films really are wonderful. Manhattan is the fourth […]

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Morning, everyone. I hope this Monday hasn’t hit y’all too hard in the noggin but if it has, rejoice that you’re not feeling as run down as Billy Halleck, the main character in today’s movie, Thinner. Or is it Stephen King’s Thinner? I’ll never know the answer to that question. It’s not like every Harry Potter movie […]

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August: Osage County

Morning, everyone. I decided to switch the up the pace for today and check out a movie vastly different than A Clockwork Orange. August: Osage County was on the award circuit a couple years back and it was one of the few that I happened to miss. To me, it always looked worth the watch but I […]

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