The Revenant

Yo! What’s up everyone. Happy Saturday. So, I finally saw it. I’ve been waiting for The Revenant for a long time now and I finally caught it. The only disappointing thing about it is that I still don’t know what my favorite movie of the last year has been. I was hoping this would be the definitive […]

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Hey there, everyone. I hope your post-Christmas food comas aren’t too debilitating today. But even if they are, who cares, it’s Saturday! And, since it’s Saturday, I have for you my thoughts (as promised) on David O. Russell’s new film, Joy. Bringing back many of his past collaborators, Russell again crafted a rad story that’s seemingly […]

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The Night Before (2015)

Hey there, everyone! Happy Saturday. In an effort to not break precedent here, much like my 13 Days of Halloween bit, I still wanted to spotlight a current movie in theaters surrounding the holiday season. And, since I did Krampus last week, I knew I had to talk a little bit about The Night Before for today’s […]

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Krampus (2015)

Hey there, everyone! Sorry for the tardiness this evening. So, there are plenty of “good” or seemingly compelling movies out right now. Movies like Macbeth or Brooklyn or Room but for this Saturday, we didn’t go that route. We took a big risk but, very surprisingly, it paid off. Krampus was nowhere near as dumb as I thought it’d […]

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Hey there, everyone! So, after digging through endless Assassin’s Creed posters, I finally found one for tonight’s movie, Creed and here we are. First of all, if you’re a fan of Rocky to any degree, you need to see this movie. Not only does it add another really great level to the franchise, it also firmly establishes its […]

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Hey there, everyone! Sorry for the tardiness today. We usually end up seeing the Super New Saturday post, whatever it may be, on Friday and I’ll write about earlier on Saturday but we caught the movie at a later showing tonight so, here we are. It felt like there’s been a bit of a dry […]

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