Galaxy Quest

Morning, everyone. So, by this time, I’m sure we’re all aware of yet another devastating loss in the showbiz world in the form of the great Alan Rickman. Rickman was always one of my favorite actors. Not just for his unwaveringly perfect performance as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise, for which he’s […]

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House of Wax (2005)

Hey there, everyone! Stepping away from the onslaught of action these past few days, I decided to switch things up and go down the horror road. While I very much wish today’s post was the original House of Wax, it’s 2005 remake is still really interesting to me. The 2000s brought on the rampant age of […]

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Christmas With the Kranks

Morning, everyone. Continuing today with the theme of movies I really should have no interest in, I have a movie I’m very interested in. Much like Home Alone 3, I have always and will always make time to watch Christmas With the Kranks, regardless of what time of year it is. It’s not groundbreaking by any means […]

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Bananas (1971)

Hey there, everyone. So, four down, one to go for this week of education. Thanks for sticking in there with me while I learn myself somethin’. If yesterday’s film, Scoop, seemed like a slight “return to form” for Woody Allen by way of outright comedy, then Bananas was certainly among his earliest predecessors for that film. His […]

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A League of Their Own

Hey there, everyone. I’m reaching my own personal baseball limit with these posts but damn, I’ve always wanted to see A League of Their Own and it definitely lived up to what I thought it’d be. More than just showing how awesomely badass the first professional women baseball players were, it got me thinking on our […]

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