American Beauty

Good afternoon, friends. I wanted to try and go back to basics with today’s movie and watch something I’ve always heard a lot about but always seemed to miss. This hype has mainly come from my girlfriend who has, in almost three years, never failed to tell me how amazing it is. She’s never given […]

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Escape from L.A.

Morning, everyone! We’re back today with the sequel to yesterday’s 80s action gem with John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A. What can I say? It’s basically the same movie but every bit as great. Had I been old enough to know what it was when it was released, I doubt I would’ve checked it out for the […]

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Home Alone 3

Morning, everyone! This ends my Home Alone streak today both personally and what I’m able to write about. Like I said, I’ve only ever seen the first three and the fourth or fifth (?) aren’t available to stream anywhere but, rejoice! For Home Alone 3, like its predecessors, is available on HBO GO/ HBO Now. While the […]

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Hey there, everyone. We’re back today with another Woody Allen flick, Scoop. This one is on Netflix so it might be a little more accessible to everyone. HBO Go has the “collection” devoted to five of Woody’s films but since Annie Hall is one of them, and I’ve already talked about that one, I had to see […]

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The Iron Giant

Hey there, everyone! I’ve been trying to watch The Iron Giant for the last four hours and finally succeeded. This movie was really wonderful and I can’t believe it took me 15 years to see it. I feel like, had I watched it as a kid, it would’ve been really influential to me as I grew […]

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